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The Advantage of Fire Safety Services

Investing in fire safety services might seem like something that can wait. But when the wrong spark finds free air for flammable material, our work can save lives and property. To show the difference that a reliable kitchen fire extinguisher can make, consider two kitchen fires in Avon, NC, which both happened in the summer of 2010:


• Stove Fire

•  Minor Injuries

•  Water & Smoke Damage

•  Totaled Kitchen

•  Emergency Response, 2 Fire Departments, Rescue Squad, EMS, Power Company

•  Endless Go-Arounds with Insurance Companies, Contractors

•  Price?

•  Lost Rentals, Lost $$$$   

Kitchen Fire


•  Stove Fire

•  Reported Injuries - None

•  Emergency - None

•  Damage, Repairs - None

•  Insurance Claims - None

•  Lost Rentals - None

•  5lb ABC Extinguisher Bought & Serviced at Outer Banks Fire Protections, Inc?

•  Priceless!!!!